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Executive and career coaching
that puts your professional goals within reach.

About Us


Brass Ring Advisory LLC provides executive and career coaching to high-performing business leaders. Whether you are navigating your organization through mission-critical change, embarking on a new leadership opportunity, or facing a professional transition, our experienced coaches provide critical thought partnership to help put that next brass ring within reach.



Brass Ring Advisory LLC provides executive coaching to C-suite and senior executives who face extraordinary opportunities and challenges that have organization-wide impact. We develop a personalized and outcome-based coaching program for high-performing executives who strive for individual and business excellence.


Brass Ring Advisory LLC specializes in a hypothesis-driven framework for mid- to senior-level career transitions. Whether your transition is planned or unexpected, our career coaching is tailored to see you through to the next step in your career no matter how ambiguous or specialized your job search.


Professional success is rarely a linear path. Enlist the thought partnership of Brass Ring Advisory LLC in charting your unique path to success -- be that in a new role or honing your opportunities for promotion. 

City from Below

Our Story

Brass rings were introduced on carousel rides between 1880 and 1920 as a way to create interest in the ride. Ring dispensers enticed riders to reach for a ring with each rotation of the carousel. Most rings were made of steel, but lucky riders who grabbed a brass ring, got a free ride. It wasn't long before "reach for the brass ring" became synonymous with striving for the highest achievement.

Anne Marie Checcone started Brass Ring Advisory LLC to support leaders who bring that ethos to their careers and inspire the same in their organizations and teams.



“Anne Marie is phenomenal!  She listens carefully and identifies issues below the surface.  It is evident she cares deeply and is committed to helping her clients resolve barriers to achieving their vision of success.

I've used coaching services throughout different stages in my career, and she is the BEST coach yet.”

Technology Executive

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